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Marshfield Friends of Music


Marshfield Friends of Music (FoM) is a nonprofit organization of volunteer parents, alumni, residents, and friends committed to the enrichment of the Marshfield School Music programs (Grades K-12). We are the music boosters for the schools. FoM supports the students both with time (as chaperones, volunteers, guides, etc.) and money. Friends of Music uses your membership donations to:

  • Provide thousands of dollars of music scholarships annually

  • Finance needed musical instruments and equipment

  • Fund educational computers and music software

  • Pay for band and concert uniforms

  • Fund trips and events that would otherwise be unavailable to our children


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High School Music California Trip

Every alternating year, the entire Marshfield High School music department takes a trip to NYC or California. In April 2023, the students will be traveling to California! The Marshfield FoM plans, organizes, and helps offset the cost of this trip, as well as providing multiple opportunities for students to volunteer and earn toward their trip.

A parent/student informational meeting was held on Sept. 22.

Please click here for more information about the California trip!

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