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Private Lessons

Private Lessons
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The Marshfield Public Schools Music Department is proud to offer private music lessons as a supplement to our in-school performance lessons/classes. Participation in our lesson program is not required (though 5th-grade beginners must participate until they have caught up to their classmates) but we do recommend it for many students for several reasons.

Private music lessons give students individual attention from trained professionals on their instrument and thus they can learn things that just are not possible in a group or ensemble setting. Furthermore, private lessons allow for an individually tailored educational experience which can only enhance each student’s achievement and enjoyment of their performance opportunities.

Some students use lessons to keep up with in-school music and others use their lesson experience to go well beyond what is happening in class. Regardless of each student’s/family’s reasons, all of our instructors are knowledgeable, caring, dedicated musicians and educators.

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Overview of the MPSD Private Lessons Program:

● Lessons are available to all MPSD grade 4-12 students (preference for times is given to those enrolled in MPSD music performance classes/programs). Grade 4 students may enroll starting in October of 4th grade.
● Lessons are available on all band and orchestra instruments and voice. We do not offer lessons for guitar. There is limited availability for piano instruction through our flute studio; please inquire directly.
● Lessons are offered throughout the school year and during the summer on a monthly basis. We encourage participation throughout the year. Students may drop lessons in any month and come back for any reason with the understanding that they have forfeited their claim to a particular time slot.
● The charge for lessons is $25/30-minute lesson ($37.50/45-minute lesson, $50/60-minute lesson).
● Payment is made in advance of attending lessons. For example, most students/families will pay $100 after confirming a time slot with a teacher (4 lessons x $25/30-minute lesson). Do know however that you can pay any amount at any time. Each installment must be paid prior to the next unpaid lesson. You can pay for one lesson right before each lesson if you wish. Payments must be made through MPSD’s UniPay system. There is a $0.50 charge per transaction when using your checking account. See the UniPay site for fees involving MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
● Lessons are not scheduled in our database (My Music Staff, or MMS) until payment is received. Students’ families register first, agree to a day and time after the instructor gets in touch, and then the first payment is made.
● For questions regarding payment, contact David Kaminski, Coordinator of Music (781-834-5050 x45852,
● Students are allowed one excused absence every nine weeks. More frequent absences may be marked as unexcused at the instructor’s discretion. Unexcused absences will be billed to the family. With sufficient notice, most absences are still excused and not billed. Be sure to contact an instructor first if there is a question about whether an absence is excused or unexcused.
● All lessons take place in the Marshfield High School Music Department. Currently low brass (trombone, baritone horn, tuba) lessons are not at MHS or billed through us. However, our registration team will get you in touch with a studio in Marshfield.
● Lessons do take place on early release days. Lesson times on early release days stay the same unless other arrangements are made between families and instructors.
● Lessons do not take place on weekends, school holidays, vacations, and cancelled school days. Families and teachers can agree to have online lessons on such dates.
● Families must give instructors twenty-four (24) hours notice of lesson cancellation to be offered a make-up lesson. Lessons missed with less than 24 hours notice will be marked unexcused at the instructor’s discretion.



Preference for days and time ranges will be indicated on the registration form. Lessons will be scheduled through the My Music Staff website by the instructor directly with the family only after payment is received. Priority will be given to those re-enrolling in lessons and those enrolled in MPSD music programs.


Dates for 2022-2023 lessons can be viewed in the My Music Staff Calendar. Upon registration, scheduling, and payment, families will receive login information for My Music Staff (MMS), our online database where you can check lesson dates, attendance records, and account information.




Registration for the MPSD Private Music Lessons Program is done electronically via Google Form through the Coordinator of Music. Please click here to access the MPSD Private Music Lessons Program Registration.

Families wishing to register with a paper form should contact David Kaminski, Coordinator of
Music, (781-834-5050 x45852, and one will be mailed to you.

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