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High School Music California Trip

Every other year, the entire Marshfield High School music department takes a trip to NYC or California. In April 2023, the students traveled to California! The Marshfield FoM plans, organizes, and helps offset the cost of this trip, and provides multiple opportunities for students to volunteer and earn toward their trip.

3/30/23 trip meeting screencast

Click here to view the school medical letter
Click here to download the school medical form (by F, 3/10)
Click here to download the school prescpription/OTC form (by F, 3/24)

Click here to download a pdf of the slideshow from Sept.

Click here to download the Rules Form.

The registration deadline is October 31. Be sure to review ALL MATERIALS (including Terms and Conditions listed on Grand Classroom's site) carefully before committing to the trip. The $99 deposit is non-refundable.

For questions about Grand Classroom's Terms and Conditions, please contact: 

To register for the trip, 
click here to go to Grand Classroom's site.  Type "Marshfield High School" in the top box and choose "Massachusetts" in the bottom box to get to our trip.

We strongly advise you to review all materials before committing any money.

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